Switching Patches Gracefully in Ableton 1.0

This is the accompanying template for switching patches gracefully in Ableton using chain selectors.

  1. Aaron Ott
    This is the accompanying project file for my tutorial on switching patches gracefully in Ableton. Please watch the YouTube tutorial first to understand how the file is constructed and organized.

Recent Reviews

  1. keysandmore51
    Version: 1.0
    Great explanation in laymen's terms; thanks!
  2. Jonas Breder
    Jonas Breder
    Version: 1.0
    Dear Aaron,
    I've been trying to use the techniques you are showing in your Videos for months now. For sure, your tutorial is one of the most helpful Videos I've seen in Combination with Ableton so far. THANK YOU and carry on your good work for the Lord.
    I Finally got hold of your template here.. ;)
    One Problem I'm facing is this: Since I load up the template, the System will tell me that it can't initialize those Plugins:
    Kontakt (I got Kontakt 5.3.1)
    Omnisphere (got it too)
    and Supercharger (I got for myself Supercharger GT)

    Any Idea how I can match my plugins to the tracks so your settings will be accepted in there?
    In your Video, you are talking about your iPad-App that you use. I'd like to realize that with my keyboard knobs. Is that gonna work?

    Thanks in advance & blessings,
    1. Aaron Ott
      Author's Response

      I think that template uses VST plugins, so make sure you have the VST components installed (instead of AU). Or, just replace the plugins in the template with the plugins that are available on your system.

      As far as the plugin settings, just make sure your default Omni sounds are coming out Output A. Same with Kontakt...I think all my sounds were coming out the default 1|2 output. Other than that, you can route as you need if you have a different setup.

      You can certainly enable host automation on Omnisphere and midi-map a hardware control instead of using the iPad app. Just right-click on the parameter you want to control and choose Enable Host Automation. Then right-click and choose MIDI Learn (I think) and move the control you want mapped.
  3. Luke Seo
    Luke Seo
    Version: 1.0
    This is a smart workaround. Great job.