PlugInGuru Northern Lights for Omnisphere 2.1 1

Synth Pads, Motion Pads, Bells, Textures, Keboards, Basses and More

  1. Jason Schoepfer

    Introducing Northern Lights:

    • 166 - Synth Pads, Motion Pads, Bells, Textures, Keyboards, Basses and more!
    • 92 - Multis including Bell Pads (both layered and Arpeggiated), Synth Pad layers and more!
    • 8 - Custom SoundSources

    Only $35​

    This library was created by Jason Schoepfer - a unique and talented sound designer and musician who lives near the heart of the Canadian Rockies – in Calgary, Canada. The patch names in many cases are named after beautiful locations in Canada. Jason has crafted sounds that are beautiful on a solo trek but are also truly magical if layered with other instruments (Piano, Strings and Guitars all sound amazing with his pads, textures or even bells as an underlying layer to thicken the sound).

    This library also includes the Logic Pro X and BreakTweaker custom files so that you can play the demo song "Aurora Dance" on your computer if you wish (Logic Pro X v10.2.1, iZotope's BreakTweaker and OMG! Drums for BreakTweaker required for the drum samples). I'll cover this song in the "Making a Demo song" video mentioned below....