MainStage Starter Kit 1.0

30 Free MainStage Patches, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, and an E-book

  1. David Pfaltzgraff
    I'm happy to announce that the new MainStage Starter Kit is now available for free download!

    The Starter Kit contains over $150 in value including NEW freebies that were not previously available on the Insider's page:

    I took my previous free patch collections and ripped them apart. Then I rebuilt my 30 favorite sounds and vastly improved many of them. All 30 patches are a part of the Starter Kit and as an added bonus for my Sunday Keys MainStage template users, they've all been pre-mapped to the Extra slot of Sunday Keys so you can add these sounds to your existing Sunday Keys patches with absolutely no hassle!

    Additional new content includes a MainStage Checklist for live performance called "Before You Hit Perform" that lays out a simple process to go through before you play live to make sure that you don't run into any issues. I even included an .docx version so you can add your own steps to this checklist!

    Also included is a worksheet called "MainStage Do's and Don'ts" that spells out some best and worst practices when designing sounds and patches.

    It's all bundled together with my MainStage Day 1 e-book, bonus chord triggers, Real Love vocal samples and more.

    So, click here and get started!

    PS: If you're already an Insider, check your email or use the login info you were given when you first signed up to download the MainStage Starter Kit!