Hope of All the Earth

Worship song by Stanley and Scholes

  1. Conor Scholes

    This is a song that Todd and I originally wrote leading up to Advent. We were both looking at resources for different series that our churches were doing, and wanted a song that pointed both to the desperation the people must have felt combined with the hope for the Messiah. When we finished the song, we felt like it had turned into both an Advent resource and a song that can be sung throughout the year. I have attached a chord chart that goes with it (I think we recorded that in G), and by all means, feel free to use the song! The songs we write are written with our local churches needs in mind, and we love to see that go beyond our doors.

Recent Reviews

  1. Taylor Schmaltz
    Taylor Schmaltz
    Awesome! What kind of patch is the keyboardist using in this?
    1. Conor Scholes
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Patches are Glorious Steel from Omnisphere, and for the bass a tweaked smooth bass from Mainstage.
  2. Spence Parkerson
    Spence Parkerson
    Great voice. Easy and catchy melody that isn't too hard to catch on to and sing. Great job guys. Keep it up
  3. Jason Schoepfer
    Jason Schoepfer
    Great song!