Is Hillsong Omnisphere Sounds affiliated with Hillsong Church? 
No, neither H.O.S. or any of it’s sister sites/groups are officially associated with Hillsong Church, but a few of their musicians and leadership are contributing members to our groups.

Is Hillsong Omnisphere Sounds affiliated with Spectrasonics? 
No, H.O.S. is not officially affiliated with Spectrasonics, but Eric Persing (creator of Omnisphere) is a member in our Facebook group.

Is Worship Musicians a for-profit organization? 
No, Worship Musicians and H.O.S. brings in absolutely no profit or revenue and all contributors and administrators are simply non-paid members of the group who love equipping the church and it’s musicians.

Which should I purchase, Native Instruments Komplete or Spectrasonics Omnisphere? 
A majority of our members use Omnisphere as their “go to” soft synth, but we also recommend Komplete, as many of us also use many of their soft synths and samples.

What in ear monitors do you recommend? 
We love 1964! We also have a group discount if you’re ready to purchase a pair.

Which one do you recommend, Alicia’s Keys or The Giant? 
A majority of our members recommend The Giant, but we personally don’t think you can go wrong with either of those virtual pianos.

Where can I purchase the sounds Hillsong uses for their albums? 
If you already have Omnisphere, Trillian, or Mainstage, you’re in luck. Our very own Peter James (Hillsong) sells his patches at the address listed below.


What’s the PC equivalent to Mainstage? 
Many of our PC members use Ableton Live, but Propellerhead’s Reason is also worth checking out.

I’d like a weighted MIDI keyboard – what should I get? 
Akai MPK 88

How do I install patches into Omnisphere? 

I can’t find my STEAM folder…help!… 

How do I move my STEAM folder? 

Should I use the internal hard drive or external hard drive to store everything? 
Many of our members install the actual applications on their internal hard drive and store their soft synths, samples, and patches on an external hard drive.

How do you switch patches in Ableton without the sound cutting out? 

What about organ sounds?
We recommend both Native Instruments Vintage Organs and GSI Vb3.

Are there any stock presets you can recommend for worship? 

What should I set my sample rate to? 
Most users will be able to get away with 44kHz. If you have a more powerful computer/interface you may want to try 48kHz.

I don’t have Omnisphere; where else can I get great patches for worship? 
Try our archives! But we also recommend Abel Mendoza’s Synthsation series (excellent patches that only require Mainstage 3). You can get his patches here.


Also if you use Reason, you can purchase Ian McIntosh’s (Jesus Culture) patches that he uses on most of the Jesus Culture albums here.


How much RAM do I need to run Mainstage? 

Can I ReWire _______ into ________? 
Reason into Ableton? Yes!
Reason into Mainstage? Yes!
Mainstage into Ableton? No.
Mainstage into Reason? No.
Ableton into Mainstage? Yes!
Ableton into Reason? No.

What’s a ReWire? 
A ReWire is an application protocol that allows you to use one DAW inside another DAW.

What is a DAW? 

A digital audio workstation, ie Pro Tools, Mainstage, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live

I just purchased Reason! Are there any Refills you recommend? 
Many of our members use: Reason Pianos, Abbey Roads Keyboards, and Retro Keys.

What MIDI controller should I buy?

There are tons of options, but you can’t go wrong with the Akai LPD8 or Korg NanoKontrol.

What’s the BPM for ____________ song?
Search the song and artist at the below website, and it will give the official BPM for just about any song.

Where can I get a backing track/loop to ___________ song? 
We love Loop Community here! 

Be sure to check out some of what our members offer below. 


FAQ created by Chris Gala